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Drama: Electronic Resources

Know the difference

Library Database 

A library database is a collection of electronic information where users can search for information on a topic; for specific article(s) or book(s). Users can search in a variety of ways including keyword, subject, author and title.

A list of Drama databases is provided below. 

(Source: Reynolds Library)

Library Platform

A library platform is a collection of electronic journals and journal databases used to conduct subject searches across electronic journals.

A list of Drama platforms is provided below.

(Source: University of Pretoria, Department of Library Services) 

An institutional repository is an open access electronic archive collecting, preserving and distributing digital materials created by members of an academic institution.

(Source: University of Pretoria, Department of Library Services)

Drama Databases

A database searches different sources and types of information.

Drama Platforms

A platform is the interface used by the database provider.

Institutional Repositories