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Architecture: E-Journals & Printed Journals

Dedicated Databases for Architecture

Printed Journals Online Access

Limited content for the following Printed Journals is available electronically:

AA files

Architect Journal of the American Inst of Architecture

Architect and builder

Architectural Record

Architectural Review

Architecture South Africa

The Architects' journal



eJournals for Architecture

Accredited Journal List 2022---Download in PDF

eJournals UP Library

Acta Structilia Accredited+Open Access

 Agathon Int Jnl of Architecture, Art&Design Accredited+Open Access

 Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa 

 Architecture Australia

  Architectural Design  Accredited 

 Architectural Engineering and Design Management Accredited 

 Architectural Histories Accredited

Architectural History Accredited

Architectural Science Review Accredited 

 Architectural Theory Review  Accredited 

Arq: Architectural Research Quarterly  Accredited 

 Architecture SA Accredited 

 ArchNet Int Jnl of Architectural Research Accredited 

CoDesign Accredited 

 The Design Journal Int Jnl for all aspects of Design Accredited 

 Design Issues Accredited 

 Design Principles and Practices: An Int Jnl Accredited 

Design Studies Accredited


Enquiry:The ARCC Jnl of Architectural Research Accredited+Open Access

 Frontiers of Architectural Research Accredited+Open Access

Funambulist A platform where activist/academic/practitioner voices can meet across geographical scales

Habitat International Accredited

Housing Studies Accredited

Idea Journal   Open Access [In process to be Accredited]

Interiority Accredited+Open Access

Interiors: Design/Architecture/Culture  Accredited 

 The Int Jnl of architectonicspatial, and environmental design Accredited 

Int Jnl of Art and Design Education Accredited [Read + Publish Agreement Wiley Publish OPEN ACCESS for free]

 Int Jnl of Design Accredited 

Int Jnl of Design in Society Accredited 

 Jnl of Architectural and Planning Research Accredited

Jnl of Architectural Education   Accredited 

 The journal of Architecture Accredited 

 Journal of Architecture and Urbanism Accredited +Open Access

  Journal of Housing and the Built Environment  Accredited 

 Jnl of Interior Design Accredited Read + Publish Agreement Wiley Publish OPEN ACCESS for free

Jnl of the Society of Architectural Historians. Accredited 

 Journal of therapeutic horticulture

 Journal of Urban Design Accredited 

 Landscape Architecture and Art Accredited 

 Landscape Journal Accredited 

  Landscape and Urban Planning  Accredited 

 Landscape Research Accredited 

 Leading Architecture and Design

 Leading Interiors

 Places Journal

Places Journal Printed Journals Digital Archive 1983-2009

 Smart and Sustainable Built Environment Accredited 

South African Jnl of Art History Accredited

 Studies in the history of gardens & designed landscapes Accredited 

Town and Regional Planning Accredited Local Journal

Urban Design International  Accredited 

 Urban Forum  Accredited 

 Urban Studies Accredited 

Printed Journals 720 Level 5 Serials

Printed Journals 

AA files.               

Architect and builder.    

Architect Jnl of the American Inst of Architecture    

The Architects' journal.     

Architectural Design Print1990-2004

729 Reference Shelves  eFormat 2005-present

Architectural record.      

Architectural review    

Architecture South Africa

Building Africa  




GA Document + GA Houses Reference Shelves 720

Gazette des beaux-arts

The Japan architect : JA     

 L'Architecture d'aujourd'hui 1950 - 2007

Landscape architecture

Leading architecture and design

Lotus International1985-1992

Open house international           

Topos European landscape magazine  

Traditional dwellings and settlements review.      


Social Media Plug for Printed Journals! 

From our Print Journals collection, check out their social media pages for more."The format gives the Boijmans a chance to break out of the traditional hierarchies of art that have defined the discipline’s history as a succession of masterpieces, mainly produced by white men from the West, that must therefore always take a central part in the galleries." Aaron Betsky visits the Depot art storage facility in Rotterdam. Architect

The U.S. Supreme Court has held that there must be a strong dose of originality for a design concept to be immune from copying. Architectural Record