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Education: Undergraduate Studies: Assignment Assistance

Support given to Undergraduate Students of the Faculty of Education

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Available APPARATUS collections in the Education Library

Shelf numbers of the books according to subject

Call Numbers


000 - 099

General works

100 - 199

Philosophy and Psychology

200 - 299


300 - 399

Social Sciences

370 – 379 Education

400 - 499

Languages – Grammar

500 - 599

Natural Sciences and Mathematics

600 – 699


700 – 799

The Arts

800 – 899


900 -999

History and Geography

Anti-Plagiarism (


Using another person's words or ideas without giving credit to that person 
‚ÄčSource: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary


Get help from....

Sonja Delport

012 420 5545

Responsible for departments:

Department of Humanities Education

Department of Early Childhood Education

Maggie Moropane

012 420 5565

Responsible for departments:

Department of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education

Department of Management and Policy Studies

Liesl Stieger

012 420 5559

Responsible for departments:

Department of Educational Psychology

Collections with-in the Education Library

Collections with-in the Education Library


Open Collection books

can be issued and taken home


Education Reference Collection


Education Study Collection

books available for 2 hour use

located at the Circulation Desk in the Education Library


Children’s Literature


Youth Literature


Research Commons of the

Education Library

Libraries and Collections



Education Library

Groenkloof Campus

Merensky Library

Hatfield Campus

Oliver R Tambo Law Library

Hatfield Campus

Music Library

Hatfield Campus

Medical Library

Prinshof Campus

BMS/Dentistry Library

Prinshof Campus

Jotello F Soga Library (Veterinary)

Onderste Poort Campus

Mamelodi Library

Mamelodi Campus




Reference Collection

Reference book for use in the library

Study Collection

Book for 2 hour use

Open Collection

Book can be issued and taken home

Special Collection

Level 5 of Merensky Library


Anti-Plagiarism awareness sessions


Attend anti-plagiarism awareness sessions                                                                  

Main campus library Training room 1
Tuesdays 11:30 - 12:30
Thursdays 12:30  - 1:30