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Marketing Management: Research Commons

All about the Research Commons

The Research Commons is a dedicated advanced space for fully registered Masters, PhD postgraduates, Postdoctoral Scholars well as UP Staff.

It combines research and social space that contributes to social dialogue, scholarly exchange and intellectual development. This facility enhances the Library’s commitment to supporting postgraduates, academics and researchers in their research endeavours and contributing to the University’s research output.

The space includes work stations, study carrels, seminar and group discussion rooms equipped with top-end PCs, WiFi connectivity, printers, scanners and copiers. A separate lounge area provides for relaxation.

Two distinguishing features of the Research Commons are the collection of art works and views of the University campus.
On the eastern side, the Research Commmons is on the same level as the crowns of Acacias; the relaxation area looks out on the jacaranda trees between Merensky I and the Old Arts Building. On the northern side, the Old Chemistry Building's rose garden can be seen next to the graffiti wall.

The Research Commons was developed as part of the national Research Libraries Consortium (RLC) Project funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. This project aims to contribute to the development of dedicated facilities, shared technologies and well trained librarians to increase library support for researchers at the beneficiary institutions.

Research Commons



Level 4, Merensky II Library, Hatfield Campus

Contact Information:

Tel:+27 12 420 3393


The Research Commons will follow the operating hours schedule of the Library. Library operating hours are available on the Library homepage.