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Heritage and Cultural Tourism: Undergraduate students


Choose BOOKS on the Library Homepage (

Enter your search terms eg.  DERWENT tourism

The RESULT LIST includes, among others, a book by Derwent with title "Guide to cultural tourism in South Africa".

It displays the LOCATION eg.  Study Collection (GV) MKY.

It displays the CALL NUMBER eg. GV 916.80465 DERWENT(The book's address on the shelf.)

It displays the STATUS of the book, eg. AVAILABLE or a DUE date.

If the book is in use, you may PLACE A HOLD.

Choose EVERYTHING on the Library Homepage (

Enter your search terms eg.  TOURISM GAUTENG

FILTER your results on the left side of the screen: Choose University of Pretoria Libraries, Articles and Peer Reviewed.

In the Result List, click on View Online to access the electronic article.

Also search the following databases:

Create a phrase : search for two or more words next to each other – use “ ... “ “South Africa”

Wild card : type only part of a word and add reform* will search for reforming reforms reformed etc.

Find newspaper articles here:


Use the Harvard method as described in the Department's instruction manual.

Turnitin instructions for students.

You need to discuss Turnitin issues with your lecturer.


Allocate enough time > Analyze the topic > Do background reading > Define concepts and keywords (search terms) > Search for information > Read, evaluate, search more information > Apply critical thinking (Structure your argument and provide evidence) > Write, edit, re-write > Beware of plagiarism > Submit.