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Construction Economics: Find Core eBooks

Subject Guide

 Barry's Introduction to construction of buildings  S Emmit 2019

The third edition of Barry's Introduction to Construction of Buildings provides the basic material you will need to understand the construction process for the majority of low rise buildings. Construction technology is explained and illustrated through the key functional and performance requirements for the main elements common to all buildings. With a stronger focus on building efficiency and meeting the challenges posed by limiting the environmental impact of buildings, you will find the text fully up to date with the latest building regulations and construction technologies.

 Bim and big data for Construction Cost Management Weisheng Lu et al 2019 

This book assists practitioners and students in a wide range of construction project management professions understand what BIM and big data could mean for them. State-of-the-art information technologies that support high-profile BIM implementation are introduced, case studies show how BIM has integrated core quantity surveying and cost management responsibilities and how big data can enable informed decision-making for cost control and cost planning.

 Building Construction Illustrated  Francis King  2019  

Renowned author Francis D.K. Ching offers all new illustrations and updated information on sustainability and green building, insulation materials, and fire-rated wall and floor assemblies. This respected, industry standard guide remains as relevant as ever--providing the latest updates in codes and standards requirements including IBC, LEED, and CSI MasterFormat. 

  Building maintenance management B Chanter, P Swallow 2007 

This book guides building surveyors and facilities managers through the key aspects of property maintenance and continues to be of value to both students and practitioners. 

 Building performance analysis Pieter de Wilde 2018 

This book presents a comprehensive and systematic overview of the subject. It provides a working definition of building performance, and an in-depth discussion of the role building performance plays throughout the building life cycle.

 Facilities management : managing maintenance for buildings and facilities 2013 Levitt J 

The facilities management field has evolved in recent years. This evolution has been driven in part by both long-term and cyclical changes in the economy. Other changes to the field have been triggered by fundamental adjustments in the way business is conducted. 

 Fundamentals of building construction materials and methods Edward Allen, Joseph Iano 2019 eBook 

The materials and methods described in the 7th ed have been thoroughly updated to reflect the latest advancements in the industry. Carefully selected and logically arranged topics--ranging from basic building methods to the principles of structure and enclosure--help readers gain a working knowledge of the field in an enjoyable, easy-to-understand manner.

 New aspects of quantity surveying practice Duncan P Cartlidge 2018 4th ed

Renowned quantity surveying author Duncan Cartlidge reviews the history of the quantity surveyor, examines and reflects on the state of current practice with a concentration on new and innovative practice, and attempts to predict the future direction of quantity surveying practice in the UK and worldwide.

Professional ethics in construction and surveying  Greg Watts et al 2021

This textbook responds to the increasing demand for practical, industry aligned, ethical practices in quantity surveying, construction management and related AEC professions.

  Strategic Management: Southern African Concepts and Cases Tienie Ehlers ed 2019

The first specifically southern African textbook on the principles and application of the strategic management process. Emphasises the important role of corporate governance, with specific reference to the King IV report. Contents include the following: •Setting strategic direction: vision, strategic intent and mission •Corporate governance and strategy •Environmental analysis •Strategy formulation •The Business Model Canvas as a strategic tool •Aligning strategy with industry life cycle •Strategy implementation and change management •Drivers and instruments for strategy implementation •Continuous improvement through strategic control and evaluation

 Sustainable construction green building design and delivery  2016 Charles J Kibert

 The leading green building reference, updated with the latest advances in the field Sustainable Construction is the leading reference for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings. Detailed information on all aspects of the green building process is offered, from materials selection to building systems and more, updated to reflect the latest codes and standards, including LEED v4, and includes new coverage of carbon accounting.

 Untitled : securing land tenure in urban and rural South Africa 2017 Donna Hornby‎ ed

Introduction: Tenure practice, concepts and theories in South Africa 2:The policy context: Land tenure laws and policies in post-apartheid in South Africa 3: Becoming visible on the grid: attempts to secure tenure at Ekuthuleni 4:The 'Living customary law of land'in Msinga, KwaZulu-Natal 5:Land tenure and the governance of Wetland in complex transforming environment: lessons for exploring legal pluralism and Craigieburn 6:'Entanglement ': a case study of changing tenure and social relations in Inner-City buildings in Johannesburg 7:Square pegs in round holes: the competing faces of land title 8: Beyond ownership? Local land registration practices and their potential for improving tenure security in informal settlement upgrading 9:Leaping the fissures: bridging the gap between paper and real practice in land reform in South africa 10:Recognizing tenure and settlement rights of the poor: the city of Johannesburg's programme to regularise informal settlement-Conclusion

eBooks for Study Models

 Construction methods and planning JR Illingworth

The author has distilled a lifetime's experience of construction into a readily accessible guide for students of construction management and all construction related disciplines, and for young professionals and managers working in the industry. 

 Construction methods and management* SW Nunnally 

*Library's Access 1 USER at a time. Best Practice: DOWNLOAD allowed number of pages per session, LOGOUT. New Session: download next number of pages, LOGOUT.  The 8th ed is designed to guide construction engineers and managers in planning, estimating, and directing construction operations safely and effectively.