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Construction Economics: Valuer's Manual [Lexis Nexis]

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Valuers' Manual Chapters  

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Commonly used Legal Terms

Chapter 1 The functions of a valuer

Chapter 2 The responsibilities of a valuer and the instructing party, Types of Ownership, Title Deed and Surveyor General Information

Chapter 3 The relationship between land and improvements

Chapter 4 Land and its potentialities

Chapter 5 Depreciation and obsolescence

Chapter 6 Market value

Chapter 7 The principle of comparable substitution

Chapter 8 The object and use of valuation tables

Chapter 9 The capitalisation process

Chapter 10 A valuer’s role in expropriation

Chapter 11 Implications of the Consumer Protection Act No. 68 of 2008 with regard to services rendered by valuers

Chapter 12 VAT as it applies to property transactions

Chapter 13 Municipal Property Rating and Valuation

Chapter 14 Computer Assisted Mass Appraisals (CAMA)

Chapter 15 Valuation reporting

Chapter 16 The Property Valuation Act 17 of 2014 and the Land Valuer-General

Chapter 17 Land Restitution

Chapter 18 The value of water-use entitlement

Chapter 19 Water Rights

Chapter 20 Title deed conditions and land-use conditions overview

Chapter 21 A Guide to Market Valuations in the Absence of Market Information

Chapter 22 Sectional Title and the role of the valuer

Chapter 23 Basic Lay-man’s Preparation for Court – the Expert Witness

Chapter 24 Securing your property views


Table of Cases