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Construction Economics: Property Valuation

Subject Guide

Property Valuation eBooks

An introduction to Real Estate Finance E Glickman 2013

The book offers highly applied information, making it especially useful for a practitioner-oriented audience, including students of real estate finance as well as financial analysts, portfolio managers, investors and other professionals in the field. It includes a chapter on Property Valuation.

Flexibility and real estate valuation under uncertainty : a practical guide for developers D Geltner 2018

Building on the familiar current practice of ­ project valuation and financial analysis, the procedure we present here completes the analysis and makes it much more powerful and useful. It enhances one’s capability to evaluate the multiple, interacting options and contingencies that arise from market changes. Importantly, it does more than calculate the expected, or average, value of real estate options.

Value in a changing built environment D Lorenz 2018

This book offers an integrated approach to property value and the valuation processes, offering a new framework for understanding the underpinnings of real estate property value and the role it plays in the larger economy.

An analysis of the use of mass appraisal methods for agricultural properties Van der Walt, Jacobus [Thesis]

This study analyses the unique and distinctive attributes of farms, which must be taken into account when a MRA model is developed. By following a stepwise regression approach, a regression model is developed which is fairly accurate but the results of the study show that it is difficult to have enough appropriate and accurate data available to develop a regression analysis for agricultural property to satisfy accuracy requirements. Thus, it cannot replace a valuation done by a skilled and knowledgeable professional valuer, when maximum accuracy is required.

European valuation practice : theory and technique Alastair S Adair 1996.

This book is aimed at real estate professionals, financiers, institutional advisers, property researchers and students who require a greater understanding of comparative property appraisal techniques applied across Europe.

Towers, turbines and transmission lines : impacts on property value Bond, S 2013

Studies show that there are concerns about devices and structures that emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs) due to potential health hazards from these. Proximity to structures that affect property value includes high voltage overhead transmission lines (HVOTL) and cellular phone towers. Despite some research reports suggesting there are no potential adverse health hazards from HVOTLs and towers, there is still ongoing concern about the siting of these structures due to fears of health risks from exposure to EMFs, changes in neighbourhood aesthetics and loss in property values.