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Researcher Profiles and Identifiers: Improving Research Visibility and Impact: Google Scholar

How to Create Google Scholar Profile

Is widely used by scientists as it tracks and provide citations and metrics. Scientists affiliated to the University of Pretoria have created Google Scholar Profiles. Google scholar profile is useful in preserving and enhancing global visibility of research output of postgraduate students, early career researchers, eminent and even deceased scholars. Below are the steps to create Google Scholar Profile account

Step 1: Create an account 

  • If you have a Gmail account this becomes fairly easy
  • Go to and click on my profile at the top menu and setup the account
  • Add personal details like name, affiliation, email, subject keywords relevant to your field of research, add university web link, 
  • Select automatic update for latest articles to be added into your profile
  • Make your profile public 
  • More on how to set up your Google Scholar profile, go to Google Scholar Profiles

Step 2: Add publications

  • A list of existing publications will appear, use the check box to select and add all your publications
  • Articles get listed immediately after completing step 1
  • To add more publications into your profile click the + sign and select "add articles
  • Search and add publications using different options like, names, publication titles, keywords
  • In the search result list use the check box on the left and in the top menu to select and add publications into your profile

How to Create Google Scholar Profile

Step 3: Watch the video on how to create a Google Scholar Profile


Step 4: Congratulations!

  • Now that you have created an account you should be able to see:
    • Number of citations from your papers
    • h-index
    • Co-authors, if not listed edit and add co-authors

Step 5: Clean up your Google Scholar Profile account

  • Edit publication details like journal titles, article titles, book and chapter titles, authors, date, volume, issues, pagination
  • Delete or merge duplicates so that you don't lose citations

Browse through existing Google Scholar Profiles