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Surgery: Research

Service Offerings at UP

Data Analysis Tools, Software & Platforms

Qualtrics Support

Staff and/or students that want to use Qualtrics need to start by completing a Service Request on SMAX at the following link

If you have an account but it has been disabled, then use

All student accounts are set to auto-disable on 28 February of the year following the request. So for example all requests received in 2024 will be disabled 25 February 2025. No data will be lost. If the student needs further access, just use the second link to request extended access.

Accounts can only be created for UP/GIBS email accounts that contains,,, and A request with any other email is rejected, and as the request is a control document, we are not allowed to edit the request and the member must re-apply.

Qualtrics accounts requested via SMAX may only be used for academic research purposes. Staff who required access must end up using it for publishing in an academic journal or academic research and students may only use it for their studies.

The platform offers substantial support and training with the following links pointing to frequently asked questions:

Statistical Software Downloads

Procedure for requesting software to install on personal computer:

UP registered students can request software (including To have IBM SPSS, Atlas.ti, Qualtrics and Stataon the Service Management Automation portlet on the UP portal by typing the software name on the search tab, then Request Service then follow the prompts.

Download Free software on personal computer.

  1. Download R and R studio
  2. Download Tableau Public
  3. Download Python
  4. SAS Statistical Software Download

Software on Research Commons computers

R , IBM SPSS and Atlas.ti  are installed on all Hatfield and Groenkloof Research Commons computers. The Veterinary Research Commons has SPSS & ArcGIS installed.