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Research Data Management (RDM): RDM Training


Upcoming Events

Research Data Management workshop

Past Events


  • The 1st Research Data Management (RDM) training session / workshop

​        Theme: Introduction to RDM & RDM @ UP

          Link to narrated Powerpoint presentation

  • The 2nd Research Data Management (RDM) training session / workshop:        

        Theme: UP RDM Policy and Procedure Documents

           Link to narrated Powerpoint presentation

  • The 3rd Research Data Management (RDM) training session / workshop:
    Theme: Data Management Plans & Jargon Busting
         ​​Link to DMP Training video
  • The 4th Research Data Management (RDM) training session / workshop:
    Theme: Roles and Skills for Research Data Management

              Link to Powerpoint presentations


Data ethics: Unashamedly ethical - NeDICC Seminar - 7 March 2018

Presented by Dr Retha Visagie, Manager: Research Integrity, UNISA at CSIR, on 7 March 2018

The ethics of data is a burning issue in Research Data Management and Data Curation circles worldwide. The seminar touched on the ethical dimensions of RDM, with a specific focus on data ethics. The ethics of data in the context of Data Science refers to how data is created, recorded and shared. 

For those that missed the presentation, a recording of the presentation is available at .

Slides of the presentation are available at


Upcoming External Courses/Seminars/Workshops

Upcoming External Seminars/Workshops: