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Information Science: New Books

Information Science

New eBooks

Facet: Title Detail Visual Research Methods by Shailoo Bedi  Visual research methods by Shailoo Bedi, Jenaya Webb 




Front cover image for Open heritage data : an introduction to research, publishing and programming with open data in the heritage sector  Open heritage data... by Henriette Roued-Cunliffe




  Reading spaces in South Africa, 1850-1920s by Archie L Dick 


Front cover image for Introduction to knowledge organization  Introduction to knowledge organization by Claudio Gnoli


Front cover image for A companion to the history of the book A Companion to the History of the Book  by S. Eliot, J. Rose

Front cover image for Systematic searching : practical ideas for improving results  Systematic searching: practical ideas for improving results by Paul Levay, etc.


 Understanding and Improving Information Search by Wai Tat Fu, Herre van Oostendorp



Front cover image for Navigating fake news, alternative facts, and misinformation in a post-truth world  Navigating fake news, alternative K. Dalkir, R. Katz 


Front cover image for Successes and failures of knowledge management Successes and failures of knowledge management by Jay Liebowitz 


Front cover image for Research design : quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, arts-based, and community-based participatory research approaches Research Design by Patricia Leavy 


Front cover image for Invisible search and online search engines : the ubiquity of search in everyday life The Consciousness' Drive: Information Need... by C. Cole