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Nursing Sciences : Data Analysis Tools/Software

This page was created for the online users during the COVID 19 period. It is meant to be a one-stop resource for nursing sciences, Postgraduate students.

Data Analysis Tools/Software

  • Atlas.ti - used for qualitative and mixed-methods analysis (free version only  available on workstations in the Library Research Commons)
  • Kepler - a free and open source scientific workflow system that enables researchers to create, execute, and share models and analyses.
  • OpenRefine - used for cleaning, transforming and matching data
  • Qualtrics survey software (Please see the process below on how to access Qualtrics - for University of Pretoria users only)
  • R - a programming language and software environment that is used for statistical computing and data analysis 
  • SAS - Statistical Software
  • SPSS - Predictive Analytics Software (Software trials available from IBM)
  • Taverna - an open source workflow management system – consisting of a suite of tools used to design and execute scientific workflows and aid in silico experimentation

How to access analysis software tools and who to contact?

Procedure for requesting software to install on personal computer:

UP registered students can request software (including To have IBM SPSS, Atlas.ti, Qualtrics and Stataon the Service Management Automation portlet on the UP portal by typing the software name on the search tab, then Request Service then follow the prompts.

Download Free software on personal computer.

  1. Download R and R studio
  2. Download Tableau Public
  3. Download Python
  4. SAS Statistical Software Download

Software on Research Commons computers

R , IBM SPSS and Atlas.ti  are installed on all Hatfield and Groenkloof Research Commons computers. The Veterinary Research Commons has SPSS & ArcGIS installed.