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Nursing Sciences : FAQ

This page was created for the online users during the COVID 19 period. It is meant to be a one-stop resource for nursing sciences, Postgraduate students.

Frequent Asked Questions

Question Answer
Where can I store or backup my raw data? Currently, the University does not provide storage for raw datasets, but it is recommended that researchers store their data on the Google Drive provided by the University. Alternatively, you can use an external hard drive, but make sure that this is also backed up. Some academic departments provide their own data storage facilities. Contact your supervisor to confirm if your academic department has such a facility.
Where can I upload my research data for data sharing/publishing? The University has a Research Data Repository running on the Figshare platform ( where University of Pretoria researchers can upload their datasets. For a step-by-step guide on how to upload datasets on the UP Research Data Repository click here!
Where can I get more information and help with regards to Data Management Plans (DMPs)? You can go to the following Page on Data Management Plans or can contact Rosina Ramokgola at or for further assistance.