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UP Journals: Article Processing Charges

Open Access Funds at UP

Article Processing Charges

An increasing number of open access journals are supported through Article Processing Charges (APC's) also known as publication fees. The Department of Library Services (DLS) offers and administers Open Access (OA) funds to subsidize Article Processing Charges (APC'). The fund will only pay for articles published in accredited and peer-reviewed Open Access Journals. 

The UP Open Access Policy gives clear guidance on purpose and procedures for all staff and students. Authors who wish to apply should first review the:  

This enables UP authors to take the advantage of a range of benefits when publishing in Open Access JournalsTo benefit from Article Processing Charges fund. Please note that this is done on refund bases, and the Library contributes a refundable portion of 50% or 60%, check the guidelines and the policy 

Check the eligibility of the journal

Proceed to the steps in applying and claiming from APC funds

Steps to follow

Steps to follow when applying and claiming from APC funds

Please note that we work on a refund basis. The researcher pays the full amount to the publisher (from a grant or cost point in the academic department or faculty). We refund a certain percentage (50% or 60%) of this to the researcher afterwards and this is paid to the cost centre. 

Step1: What to submit to the publisher?

  • Author sends the manuscript to the publisher
  • Publisher accepts the manuscript
  • Publisher sends the invoice to the author to pay APCs
  • Author pays full amount to the publisher from their funds from the department/faculty cost centre
  • Author receives proof of payment from the publisher
  • Then the article gets published and become available online
  • Author pulls a cost centre report (detail transactional report per cost centre/project) from the system or ask the faculty admin person or from the Department of Finance at UP


Step 2: What to submit to the Open Scholarship Office?

  • The APC application form. Please make sure the Dean signs the form. In the APC form, in section 3.20 please capture the cost centre number to be refunded. 
  • The detail transactional report per cost centre/project (Cost Centre Report, see the screenshot) - please make sure the amount paid to the publisher is reflected in the cost centre report and that the payment is not pending. Please note that we do not accept the Cost Centre Summary Reports
  • The published version of the article 
  • Proof of payment in South African rands
  • The invoice
  • Attach and send the above items to or Open Scholarship Office

Open Access Accredited Journals Without Article Processing Charges

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