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Postgraduate Online Training: Microsoft Office Training

This guide provides step-by-step training, working through the various stages of the research cycle, to develop and improve the necessary skills to complete your research.

Microsoft Word for Windows

This video workshop for MS Word focuses on formatting long documents with many different heading types, sections, tables, figures, and the like – so, just like a dissertation or thesis would have. The purpose of the workshop is to create a consistent, navigable document.

This workshop has one video and three companion documents:

  • Stylesheet for workshop
  • Help guide for workshop
  • Document for workshop

When watching the video, be sure to try and reproduce the changes made on your document, too. If you are wondering why certain changes are being made, remember to consult the stylesheet. If you get stuck, use the help guide.

Quick Tips

Check out our quick tips videos:

  • Tip: Use the correct heading styles and automated numbering in MS Word


Microsoft Excel

MS EXCEL: A Researcher's basic guide (Part 1) (2020)

by Malebo Makunyane

MS EXCEL: a researcher's guide to Basic Data Analysis (Part 2)

by Malebo Makunyane

This presentation by Malebo Makunyane is designed for researchers using Excel for basic data analysis. In this training video you will work along with Malebo, as she takes you through basic data analysis using the example of weekly COVID-19 cases.

What you will learn in this video:

  1. Data Cleaning- Filtering and removing duplicate records
  2. Excel built in functions:
  • SUM
  • Standard deviation, min and maximum value
  • PIVOT tables

Download the exercise files below: 

MS EXCEL: Data Visualization with MS Excel (Part 3)

by Malebo Makunyane

In this training video you will be guided through the following:

  1. Plotting graphs/charts in Excel
  2. Identifying which graphs to use for different scenarios
  3. From pivot tables to pivot charts
  4. Formatting and customising graphs

Microsoft PowerPoint