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Postgraduate Online Training: Research Data Management & Analysis

This guide provides step-by-step training, working through the various stages of the research cycle, to develop and improve the necessary skills to complete your research.

Research Data Management

R Workshop Training Material

Revise R workshop materials by following the steps below: 

1.     Install R and Studio

2.     Short how-to videos to get you started with some important topics

3.     Use the attached R workshop script  and companion document to learn R 

4.     The R Workshop script covers sections A, B, and C. 

5.     Use Hotel Booking Demand Datasets article written by  Antonio et al. (2019) for section B and C 

6.     Exercises to test your understanding of the material covered during this course.

7.     Use data sets to practice

8.      Self-contained tutorials on some more advanced topics

9.     Find additional information regarding R 

Python Training Material