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Mamelodi Library: Circulation

Circulation & General Services

When entering the library, your student or staff card will be needed

  • Show your student or staff card to the security personnel at the door
  • If you don’t have your student or staff with you when entering the library, inform the security  personnel and you will sign the OB Book
  • Don’t use someone else student or staff card to gain entry in the library as this is an offence
  • Problems – the security personnel at the door will assist you



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Your valid student or staff card will give you access to the library and its facilities:

  • Go to the Open shelves to retrieve the book that you want & after finding it, take it to the circulation counter
  • The staff at the circulation will request your student / staff card & the book that you retrieved from the shelves that you want to borrow
  • The staff member at the circulation counter will scan your student / staff card and the book (s) that you want to borrow
  • After scanning both the book & your student / staff card, he/she will stamp the due date when the book should be returned to the library
  • When returning the book after the due date, you can drop it in the “Boekebus” which is at the entrance of the library or you can return it to the staff members at the circulation counter.  You will receive an “SMS” notification indicating the books that you have returned

During Normal Term

Monday, Wednesday &, Thursday:  07h00 - 21h00

Tuesday:  08h30 - 21h00

Friday:  07h00 - 20h00

Saturday:  09:00 - 17h00

Sunday:  09:00 - 13h00


Exam Term

Monday, Wednesday &, Thursday:  07h00 - 24h00

Tuesday:  08h30 - 24h00

Friday:  07h00 - 21h00

Saturday:  09:00 - 17h00

Sunday:  09:00 - 13h00

Fines are charged for any Library material which is not returned or renewed by its due date. Computer generated overdue notices are sent by the Library system as a reminder.  Library users are still responsible for any material that is not returned or renewed even if a notice has not yet been received

  • Holds may be placed for items which are out to other users
  • A Library Pin is required in order to place a book on hold


Facilities are available in all libraries. Photocopiers operate on student or staff cards at a cost of 38c per copy.  Money can be deposited on student cards at library.  After loading money on to your card, you only need to swipe your card through the card reader attached to a machine to enable you to make photocopies. Please be aware that there are copyright restrictions on photocopying large amounts of material.