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The physical library space is not big enough to house all of its collection in print format. Electronic resources such as ebooks, ejournals and videos are very convenient for both the library physical space and the user access. This is the page to explore the available ebooks platform. Newly available ebooks are also added here.

eBook Collections

eBook Central eBooks Filter with Owned+subscribed to by my library

Ebsco Host eBook Collection Select eBook Collection Filter with FULL TEXT

Taylor+Francis eBooks Subjects--Select Built Environment FILTER Content which I have access to

Wiley Online Library Select Subjects Architecture+Planning eBooks

Other eBook Collection Platforms

Access Engineering Filter by Subject--Civil Engineering--Book Title--Find Handbook for Building Construction: Administration, Materials, Systems, and Safety. [NOT OPENING? Clear Browsing History]

Access Science Provides fast and easy access to authoritative information in all major areas of science and technology. 

Knovel eBooks  A searchable database of handbooks as well as datasets and reference sources in science, technology and engineering.


eBooks Open Access

  Internet Archive SIGN UP then LOG IN Borrow eBooks  [Some books can be downloaded in full]

MIT eBooks OPEN ACCESS Follow this link for a variety of eBooks

Architecture Books Internet Archive

 Flight of fancy : the banishment and return of ornament  Brolin, Brent C 1985 An effort to understand why ornament, which had been an integral part of life for millennia, have virtually disappeared from Architecture at the beginning of the 20th century.

 Studies in tectonic culture:the poetics of construction in 19th and 20th century architecture Frampton, Kenneth 1995  [Log in to borrow]

 Gardner's art through the ages : a global history  Fred S Kleiner, Helen Gardner 2011  [Log in to borrow]

 The Human Condition Hannah Arendt [Log in to borrow]


 Zulu Medicinal Plants An Inventory Anne Hutchings 1996 This is an inventory of over 1,000 Zulu medicinal plants.  

Research Methodology eBooks Internet Archive

 Qualitative research and evaluation methods Patton, Michael 3rd 2002 ed [Log In to borrow] Patton has created the most comprehensive, systematic, and up-to-date review of qualitative methods available.

 The practice of social research Babbie E 2010 12thed [Log In to borrow] A straightforward, comprehensive, and approachable guide to research, this book gives readers the tools they need to apply research concepts practically. 

Case Studies and Theory Development in the Social Sciences Alexander, G 2005 MIT Press [Log In to borrow] This text presents a comprehensive analysis of research methods using case studies and examines the place of case studies in social science methodology. It argues that case studies, statistical methods, and formal models are complementary rather than competitive.

Interdisciplinary Books Internet Archive

 Guns, germs, and steel : the fates of human societies Diamond, Jared M 2005  LOG IN to borrow this book

 The Greatest show on Earth: Evidence for Evolution Richard Dawkins 2010 LOG IN to borrow this book

 The Weather Makers: our changing climate and what it means for Life on Earth Tim Flannery 2007 LOG IN to borrow this book

 The Mismeasure of Man Stephen J Gould 1997 LOG IN to borrow this book

 The song of the Dodo: Island Biogeography in an age of Extinctions  David Quammen 1996 LOG IN to borrow this book

 Silent Spring  Ralph Carson 1962 LOG IN to borrow this book

 Strategy formulation and implementation : tasks of the general manager Thompson, A.A. 1992


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