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Education: Postgraduate studies: Preparation for postgraduate studies

A guide to combine all the processes involved in doing your master's and doctoral degree at the Faculty of Education

Tips before you start

Tips before you start with your post-graduate studies

  • Find a topic that is current, or a new angle on a topic by reading, and looking at news and other media
  • Read and READ some more
  • Update your computer skills
  • Learn to type if needed
  • Update your Word processing skills
  • Learn how to use a reference manager
  • Learn how to find and use the library resources
  • Ask your information specialist @ the library for assistance
  • Familiarise yourself with the different steps in the research process by consulting research methodology books

Typing tutorial

Reference Manager

Student administration at the Faculty of Education

Computer settings

File names

Files names

  • If  you are renaming PDF files : use either the Author name and part of the title or the title only
  • If naming your Chapters in your thesis or the versions of your article always include a date to ensure you can identify the latest version of the document

How to find application forms for Masters and Doctoral studies

Where to start when considering  a Masters or Doctoral degree at the Faculty of Education

  • Start at the University's webpage :
  • Choose Faculties
  • Choose Faculty of Education
  • Click on Academic Programs
  • Choose a program
  • Follow redirection to Department responsible
  • Form available from the Departmental webpage

Finding a topic

Contact the Department where you intend to do your studies

Find out at your department if they have topic suggestions that correlate with the supervisor expertise. They might be busy with research project that you can contribute too.


REMEMBER to make backups and use a file name with date!!!