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Access & Discovery: UP Access Bookmarklet for iPad

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UP Access Bookmarklet for iPad

Depending on your iPad's operating system, instructions may vary slightly from those described below. The following instructions were created using iOS 9.3.5

To add a UP Access bookmarklet to your iPad:

  1. Open Safari and then access these directions on your iPad (
  2. Copy the following line of script by pressing on the line of code until it becomes highlighted in blue (be sure to highlight the entire line) and then tap on the Copy popup icon.


  3. In your browser window, tap on the Share icon (an arrow coming out of a square). A box will appear. In the box, tap on the Add Bookmark icon.
  4. Tap on Save.
  5. On the screen, tap on the Bookmarks icon (it looks like an open book). In the box, you’ll see a list of bookmarks. Tap on Edit.
  6. Tap on the right arrow directly to the right of “Adding the EZ…”
  7. You can now change the name of the bookmarklet to something you’ll remember and insert the line of script you copied. To do this:
    • Change the name of the bookmarklet from "UP Access Bookmarklet for iPad" to something easier for you to remember, by tapping on the “x” to delete the name (if the “x” is not visible, press on the title and an “x” should appear). Type a new bookmarklet name.
    • Next, delete the URL by tapping on the "x" (if the “x” is not visible, press on the URL and an “x” should appear). Gently press inside the address box and a Paste popup icon should appear. Tap on Paste to insert the new URL into the box. The script from step #2 should now appear in the box.
  8. Tap on Done on the keypad and then tap on Done at the bottom of the Bookmarks box.
  9. The UP Access bookmarklet is now saved in your bookmarks.

When you want to access an article off campus, tap on the Bookmarks icon and then the UP Access bookmarklet link. Once you log into your user account, you will have full-text access to articles available through Department of Library Services subscriptions as if you were on campus.

Please note you will receive the following screen if you attempt to access a resource that we do not subscribe to: