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Access & Discovery: Clearing Oracle Error

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Clearing the Oracle Access Manager Error message in Chrome

Before following these steps, please note that

  1. your registration may have an impact and it is advisable that you are registered for 2019 and
  2. that you have no other tabs or Chrome sessions open as this may impact on the success of resolving the problem.

If you receive the following screen after providing your login details, please proceed with the steps below. 

If you have any difficulty, please ensure that you have the latest version of TeamViewer installed on your workstation before contacting me for remote assistance.  TeamViewer can be downloaded from the following link and my office number is 012 420 6871.

Oracle Access Manager Error screen

Close all extra browser sessions and tabs and navigate to settings.

From settings navigate to the advanced options

Select the privacy and security option

At the bottom select the content settings option

Select the cookies option

After the site data has been cleared, close your browsing software completely before retrying.

To install a bookmarklet, drag the bookmarklet link Clear Cookies to your bookmarks toolbar.