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Archaeology: Undergraduate students


Allocate enough time > Analyze the topic > Do background reading > Define concepts and keywords (search terms) > Search for information > Read, evaluate, search more information > Apply critical thinking (Structure your argument and provide evidence) > Write, edit, re-write > Beware of plagiarism > Submit.



  • Use a THESAURUS (lists of synonyms and antonyms) to find synonyms for words. Online: Oxford Thesaurus
  • Use a DICTIONARY to check the meaning of words. Online: Oxford English Dictionary
  • Use a BILINGUAL DICTIONARY to translate words into another language. Online: Pharos Dictionaries.
  • Use a SUBJECT DICTIONARY to find definitions for the terminology relating to the subject or discipline. 

Assignments should be on A4 paper, using 1.5 space, 12 font.

Assignment must be provided with:

  • index (with numbers, page numbers),
  • an introduction (explanation of the topic, significance of the topic, methodology, evaluation of most important sources),
  • text references,
  • evaluation,
  • bibliography (alphabetical order according to the prescription in Anthropology Southern Africa 

Turnitin instructions for students.

You need to discuss Turnitin issues with your lecturer.