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Anthropology: General Information




Welcome to the training session !

Getting started

1. Sort out at Information Desk Level 3 or by Chat to a Librarian:

  • UP portal password
    • to log on to campus computers and wifi 
    • access library electronic resources
    • access your library account to renew books
  • TuksPrint 
  • Email - combine your email addresses

2. M&D students need to register for an ORCID id

3. Your computer:

  •  Google Scholar settings:
  • Bibliographic manager -  Endnote
  • Libraries – Choose  Pretoria
  • Download and install Endnote.

4. Familiarize yourself with:

  • Clickup
  • Cloud storage eg. Google Drive, Dropbox
  • Apps

5. Sign In / Create Accounts to all the databases you are regularly using.

Library Homepage

Please familiarize yourself with the Library Homepage:

  • Libraries and Units tabs: Branch libraries and library units information.
  • Services tab: Plagiarism, general library training etc.
  • Search tab: Where to find databases, electronic reference works, Subject Guides, etc.
  • News & Events tab: 
  • Find Help tab: Book a Virtual Appointment with you subject librarian

Scroll down to see shortcuts:

  • Library Hours
  • Using the Library: Seat and space booking
  • Borrow & Request: Renew your books
  • Find Help: Virtual Appointments, Subject Guides.
  • Most important ... the Search Box.

Find the Library social media at the bottom of the page.

Some Other Guides

Computer requirements, browser settings, etc.

and more ...