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Anthropology: Journals OA Agreement


Journals in which to publish

Read+Publish AgreementsPublish Open Access at no cost in these journals

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Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy [Wiley] (Education - Literacy, Reading)

Literacy [Wiley] (Language and Linguistics, Education)

Reading Research Quarterly [Wiley] (Education, Developmental Psychology, Multidisciplinary research on Reading)

The Reading Teacher [Wiley] (Education, Linguistics and Language, Teaching Reading)



Ampersand  [SienceDirect] (language use and communication among bi/multilingual individuals and groups) Scopus: 80th percentile, #191 rank out of 1001.

Analytic Philosophy [Wiley] (Epistemology, Ethics, Language, Linguistics, Logic, Philosophy) Scopus: 53rd percentile, #332 rank out of 718.

Applied Corpus Linguistics [ScienceDirect]

Arabian Archaeology & Epigraphy [Wiley] (Archaeology, Antiquity, General Arts & Humanities)

Brain and Language [ScienceDirect] (psychology, linguistics and neuroscience) Scopus: 95th percentile, #45 ranked of 1001.

Children's Literature in Education [Springer] (a key source of articles on all aspects of children's literature for more than 50 years) Scopus: 94th percentile, #55 ranked of 982.

English Teaching: Practice and Critique [Emerald] (Scholarship related to English literacies that are grounded in critical perspectives and a range of contexts, including classrooms, communities, national policies, and wider educational constituencies. The journal encourages international and comparative approaches to topics and issues.)

Foreign Language Annals [Wiley] (FL Teaching and Learning)

International Journal of Applied Linguistics [Wiley] (Language and Linguistics)

Journal of Sociolinguistics [Wiley] (Ethnographic, variationist, constructivist and sociology of language traditions are welcomed, as are papers from the social psychology of language, anthropological linguistics, discourse analysis, language and gender studies, pragmatics and conversational analysis.)

Language Learning: A Journal of Research in Language Studies [Wiley] (Anthropology, Education, Ethnography, Linguistics, Neuroscience, Psychology, Sociolinguistics, Sociology)

Language Policy [Springer] (policymaking processes worldwide)

Literature Compass [Wiley] (Literature and Literary Theory, Cultural Studies)

Mind & Language [Wiley] (The phenomena of mind and language are currently studied by researchers in linguistics, philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligence, cognitive anthropology and cognitive archaeology. Mind & Language brings this work together in a genuinely interdisciplinary way.) Scopus: 96th percentile, #27 rank out of 718.

Natural Language & Linguistic Theory [Springer] (generative studies on the syntax, semantics, phonology, morphology, and other aspects of natural language; surveys of recent theoretical developments)

Transactions of the Philological Society [Wiley] (Study of language and languages)

The Modern Language Journal [Wiley] (Linguistics and Language, Language teaching and learning)

World Englishes [Wiley] (Language and Linguistics, Anthropology)



Critical Quarterly [WileyOnline] ( literary criticism, cultural studies, poetry and fiction)

Neohelicon [SpringerLink] (all aspects of comparative and world literature, critical theory and practice. In the discussion of literary historical topics (including literary movements, epochs, or regions), analytical contributions based on a solidly-anchored methodology are preferred)


Social Sciences

Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology [Springer Nature] (Human Behaviour Periodicals) Scopus: not listed

Addiction [Wiley] (Social Work & Criminology) Scopus: 94th percentile, #32 rank out of 529.

Addiction Biology [Wiley] (Substance abuse periodicals) Scopus: 88th percentile, #62 rank of 529

Adolescent Research Review [Springer] (inter-disciplinary periodical on adolescents) Scopus: 95th percentile, #18 rank out of 426)

Adultspan Journal [Wiley] (Social Work & Criminology) Scopus: 24th percentile, #259 rank out of 341.

Advances in Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Multidisciplinary Research and Practice across the Lifespan [Springer]  (diagnosis and interventions across the lifespan) Scopus: 71st percentile, #122 rank out of 426.

Adversity and Resilience Science [Springer] (protective factors and processes that promote resilience in the face of adversity throughout the lifespan) Scopus: not listed

African Archaeological Review [Springer] (original research, reviews, essays on African archaeology) Scopus: 90th percentile, #34 rank out of 335.

African Development Review [Wiley] (Development Studies, Policy). Scopus: 71st percentile, #83 rank out of 287.

Ageing International [Springer] (focus on caregiving, cognitive impairment and dementia, long-term care, and intergenerational relationships) Scopus: 49th percentile; #173 rank out of 344.

Aggressive Behavior [Wiley] (Social Work & Criminology). Scopus: 86th percentile, #52 rank out of 376.

Alcoholism, Clinical and Experimental Research [Wiley] (Social Work & Criminology)

American Anthropologist [Wiley]

American Ethnologist [Wiley] (Anthropology, Ethnography, Ethnology)

Analyses of Social Issues & Public Policy [Wiley] (Social Sciences)

Annals of Anthropological Practice [Wiley]

Anthropocene [ScienceDirect] (nature, scale and extent of interactions between people and earth processes and systems) Scopus: 84th percentile, #68 rank our of 437.

Anthropology & Education Quarterly [Wiley] (Anthropology, Education)

Anthropology and Humanism [Wiley]

Anthropology of Consciousness [Wiley] (Anthropology, Linguistics, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, et al.)

Anthropology of Work Review: AWR [Wiley] (Anthropology, Ethnography, Labour)

Anthropology Today [Wiley] (Anthropology, and as applied in intersecting disciplines, e.g. Development, Education, Medicine)

Asian Social Work and Policy Review [Wiley] (Social Work)

Archaeological Papers of the American Archaeological Association [Wiley] (Archaeology)

Archaeological prospection [Wiley] (Archaeology, interdisciplinary)

Archaeometry [Wiley] (Physical and biological sciences that underpin Archaeology, Anthropology and Art History)

Australasian Journal on Ageing [Wiley] (Social Work, Health Sciences, Social Sciences)

Child and Family Social Work [Wiley] (Social Work, Social Sciences)

Cognition [ScienceDirect] (theoretical and experimental papers on the study of the mind; wide readership from many disciplines) Scopus: 97th percentile, #22 rank out of 1001.

Cognitive Development [ScienceDirect] (on the development of cognition including, but not limited to, perception, concepts, memory, language, problem-solving, metacognition, and social cognition) Scopus: 47th percentile, # 179 ranked from 343.

Criminology [Wiley]

Criminology and Public Policy [Wiley] (Criminology)

Economic Anthropology [Wiley] (Anthropology, Archaeology, Sociology, & history, among others)

Evolutionary Anthropology: issues, news and reviews [Wiley] (Anthropology, Archaeology)

Feminist Anthropology [Wiley]

General Anthropology [Wiley]

The Howard Journal of Crime and Justice [Wiley] (Criminology)

International Journal of Social Welfare [Wiley] (Social Work, Social Sciences)

Journal for the Anthropology of North America [Wiley] 

Journal of Family Theory and Review [Wiley] (Family Studies, Social Sciences, Psychology, Sociology)

Journal of Financial Crime [Emerald] (Criminology)

Journal of Forensic Sciences [Wiley] (Criminology)

Journal of Linguistic Anthropology [Wiley]  (Anthropology, Culture, Ethnography, Language, Society)

Linguistic Anthropology [Wiley] (Anthropology, Linguistics, Linguistic Anthropology, Anthropological Linguistics, Language, Communication, Ethnography)

Museum Anthropology [Wiley] (Museum Anthropology, Anthropology, Museum, Heritage, Ethnography)

Oxford Journal of Archaeology [Wiley]

Political and Legal Anthropology Review: PoLAR [Wiley] (Anthropology, Law, Political Sciences)

Social Policy and Administration [Wiley] (Social Policy)

WIREs: Forensic Science (Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews) [Wiley] (Criminology)


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