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African languages: Articles

Library pin

Your e- resources pin is the same as your portal login 

Go to the library homepage: 

Under My Library Space, select My Library Account

Your library account details are the same as you portal login details

To access UP student/Tuks Gmail


 On the portal login page, click on the Student Gmail.

 The address is “u” followed by your eight digit student number, e.g.

The password is the same as your portal/Novell/ClickUP and Wi-Fi password.

 If you do not receive your email via the Tuks/UP student Gmail, please check your private email address or contact us on 012 420 5375/6.

What is an academic/peer-reviewed article?

Peer-reviewed or academic articles are articles written by academics/experts/researchers on a specific field of study. These articles usually contain a bibliography at the end of the article and information on the author’s academic qualifications and university at the beginning of the article. A peer-reviewed journal article was reviewed by people with credentials in the article's field of study before being accepted for publication

Abbreviations of journals