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African languages: Find an article

How to find articles on a subject

Go to the library home page on

From the blue navigation bar across the top select libraries /units /collections

Select the Humanities faculty library

When the page opens, to the left of the screen you will find a tab that reads:"Select a Subject related database"

From the drop down menu select African Languages

This will take you to links that lead to the different databases and platforms that contain relevant information for African language studies

Begin your search using the most relevant keywords







How to find a particular electronic journal article

Go to

Type the title of the journal at Find e-Journal On Campus/Off Campus ( Select the on campus option, when using workstations on campus and use Off campus when using your own device)

 The result page will display all the platforms that host the journal electronically.

 The date range displayed  indicates the issues available.

 Select the most appropriate platform for your search.

 The different issues of the journal are indicated.

 Search for the correct year, volume, issue and page number and find the relevant article.