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Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute

Useful Websites for Fabi

The CRISPR page at National Centre for Biotechnology Madrid Everything you want to know about CRISPR 

The Complete Guide to CRISPR Knockouts: Using CRISPR to Knock Out Genes eBook to download

CRISPR Guided Edit  An interactive tool to help you navigate a clear-cut decision tree, to arrive at the best solution for your CRISPR editing goal.

 CRISPR-Cas : a laboratory manual Jennifer A Doudna, Prashant Mali 2016  Featuring contributions from leading figures in the CRISPR-Cas field, this laboratory manual presents a state-of-the-art guide to the CRISPR technology.

 Newsletters South African Institute of Forestry

SA Forestry Online

    International Union of Forest Research Organizations

         South African Society for Microbiology

Southern African Society for Plant Pathology

 History of Plant Pathology in South Africa TA Coutinho, MJ Wingfield

  American Society For Microbiology 

 Australian Mycological Society

 Australian Mycological Society Journal Archive

 Microbiology Society UK

   Potatoes SA   Articles from CHIPS

           Dryad Digital Repository makes a wide variety of Research Data underlying scientific publications freely reusable and citable.