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Fabi: Protocols

Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute


  Nature Protocols

Step-by-step descriptions of procedures that users can immediately apply. Protocols have been proven to work already.[Nature Protocols has 1 year embargo]

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  Molecular biology and biotechnology : basic experimental protocols M P Bansal, 2013 eBook


In order to facilitate the correct identification of Phytophthora species, we provide standards of procedures (SOPs) for all steps involved with molecular identification using sequencing analysis of the ITS rDNA and COI barcoding regions. 


In order to facilitate accurate identification of Phytophthora species, we provide standards of procedures (SOPs) for isolation, maintenance, storage of isolates, methods for sporulation, and other tasks related to morphological identification.

Cold Spring Harbor Selection of Free Protocols

A selection of free CSH Protocols articles organized by subject