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Theology & Religion: Postgraduate Studies: Statistical Software

Welcome to the guide for postgraduate research support. It is a mini-website that offers resources and library services for postgraduate students. Please evaluate material on web sites critical and use peer reviewed, scholarly information.

Statistical Software Downloads

Procedure for requesting software to install on personal computer:

UP registered students can request software (including To have IBM SPSS, Atlas.ti, Qualtrics and Stataon the Service Management Automation portlet on the UP portal by typing the software name on the search tab, then Request Service then follow the prompts.

Download Free software on personal computer.

  1. Download R and R studio
  2. Download Tableau Public
  3. Download Python
  4. SAS Statistical Software Download

Software on Research Commons computers

R , IBM SPSS and Atlas.ti  are installed on all Hatfield and Groenkloof Research Commons computers. The Veterinary Research Commons has SPSS & ArcGIS installed.


Access to ATLAS.ti - procedure to follow

1. Log in to your UP student portal.

2. Select the 'Service Mngt Automation (SMAX)' tile 

3. Once SMAX has opened, type 'atlas.ti' in the search box and hit 'ENTER'.

4. The search results should show a result that looks similar to the image below. Click on 'REQUEST SERVICE' at the relevant search result.

5. Once the form opens up, click on 'Submit'. (There is no need to fill in additional details.)

6. A page with a message reading 'Request created successfully' should appear, and you should receive an email with the request details on your or your address.

7. Once the request has been processed (which is usually within a couple of hours), you should be able to (using your or credentials) log in to an installed version of ATLAS.ti on your computer.

ATLAS. ti statistical software user guide

Statistical Consultation Service

Need assistance with Statistical Analysis using SPSS, R, PYTHON, STATA or SAS?

There is a pool of academics and researchers ready to assist with your data analysis needs, whether it be for your thesis, dissertation, journal article or book manuscript.

Contact Mikateko Ngobeni 

at with the details and your request will be allocated to a facilitator in your field of study.