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Education: General Support - How to....

Tools and information on how to access EDUCATION related information sources and Library services available to you.


Welcome to the 'How to..' section of this guide


To be able to fully benefit from all the services, facilities and resources offered by the library, you need to be logged in on the University of Pretoria Portal.

You will be prompted for your    student number (u_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ )       and       portal password.

Portal login and password

Basic searches - 'EVERYTHING' from

How to search for a journal article by topic

Click here:

How to search and locate a book (print format) from the Library collection

How to access the self-paced tool

Navigate the Library Webpage

Google Scholar

User Tools

Search UP Resources


(search via course code e.g. INL 113)


Lookup a journal article by DOI or PMID