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Ethics Of Chemistry:From Poison Gas to Climate Engineering

2021J Schummer,T Borsen

This volume sets out to establish the scope of ethics of chemistry, providing a cased-based approach to teaching, thereby also narrating a cultural history of chemistry. From poison gas in WWI to climate engineering of the future, this volume covers the most important historical cases of chemistry. It draws lessons from major disasters of the past, such as in Bhopal and Love Canal, thalidomide, Agent Orange, and DDT. It discusses issues about bisphenol-A, polyvinyl chloride, rare earth elements, contested chemical projects such as human enhancement, the creation of artificial life, and patents on human DNA. Moreover, it illustrates chemical engagements in preventing hazards, from the prediction of ozone depletion, to Green Chemistry, and research in recycling, industrial substance substitution, and clean-up. 

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