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Chemistry: Physical Properties & SAFETY Data Sheets

Physical Properties Searches

Core Sources for Physical Properties Searches  [Scroll down for a Manual on Properties Searches]

Reaxys Information about millions of chemical structures, reactions, properties; a tool for synthesizing and characterizing chemical compounds; providing data on physical, chemical, spectral or toxicological properties of chemical substances

SciFinderN Find substances, reactions, properties 1st time users REGISTER Passwords mix letters, numbers, characters like @,#,%  [Scroll down for a Manual to Register on SciFinderN]

PubChem Free database of chemical structures of small organic molecules and information on their biological activities.

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Safety Data Sheets

Where to find Safety Data Sheets [SDS]

PubChem Search with the compound name or CAS number on Pubchem.  NB Not all compounds on PubChem have Safety Data available. Look out for this RED sign to find Safety Data Sheets: Use the link supplied to navigate to the data and then download:

Another option

XIXISYS  Create a Login on Xixisys. Now Search with CAS number [preferred] OR Compound Name. Download Safety Data Sheets for free on XiXisys. How to find the CAS number? Use the Find Physical Properties Manual on your left for directions.  PLEASE REPORT A BROKEN LINK

Chemistry Safety Library

Brought to Chemists by CAS

Chemical Safety Library  The Pistoia Alliance Chemical Safety Library (CSL) provides unique crowd sourced data content containing hazardous reactions that can be used to alert scientists to potential dangerous experiments. CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, is committed to increasing safety in the lab and has provided this open access platform to serve scientists worldwide.