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Zulu Medicinal Plants An Inventory Anne Hutchings 1996 This is an inventory of over 1,000 Zulu medicinal plants.  The inventory is based on a literature survey, dating from the late nineteenth century to the present. It is augmented by data from Anthony Cunningham's investigation of the medicinal plant trade in KwaZulu-Natal, material gathered in interviews with Zulu and Xhosa healers, and a recent preliminary herbal history survey of hospital patients.

Interesting Interdisciplinary Books

 Guns, germs, and steel : the fates of human societies Diamond, Jared M 2005  LOG IN to borrow this book

 The Greatest show on Earth: Evidence for Evolution Richard Dawkins 2010 LOG IN to borrow this book

 The Weather Makers: our changing climate and what it means for Life on Earth Tim Flannery 2007 LOG IN to borrow this book

 The Mismeasure of Man Stephen J Gould 1997 LOG IN to borrow this book

 The song of the Dodo: Island Biogeography in an age of Extinctions  David Quammen 1996 LOG IN to borrow this book

 Silent Spring  Ralph Carson 1962 LOG IN to borrow this book