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Modern European Languages (MEL): Books

Looking for a resource during lockdown?

New Books

Books not in our collection?

Staff members and students from 4th year upwards have permission to request books, book chapters and articles from other SA institutions' libraries.

Use our Inter-Library Loan (ILL) service to create a pre-request by following these steps:

1. Check that the item is definitely not available in our libraries: use the library system (catalogue), E-Journals search page, and even Google Scholar.

2. Setting the library system's filter to Libraries Worldwide, search for the item to determine whether it is available from another institution's library within South Africa.

3. Click on the blue Interlending (prerequest) button and complete the form, then submit. Successful prerequests will result in a request number appearing on the screen at this point. Note down the date and prerequest number to allow you to follow up.

4. Please view the tutorial or step-by-step procedure.

5. Enquire from the ILL section on about the progress of the request.

Shelf Numbers and Locations

Location = Level 6

Open Collection (circulating):

Literature = 800 class


French Literature 840

French Poetry 841

French Drama 842

French Fiction 843

Grammar & Linguistics = 400 class


French Language 440

Written and spoken French 441

French dictionaries 443

French bilingual dictionaries 443.3

French Grammar 445

Location = Level 6

Open Collection (circulating):

Literature = 800 class


German poetry 831

German drama 832

German fiction 833

German essays 834

German speeches 835

German letters 836

German satire & humor 837

German miscellaneous writings 838

Grammar & Linguistics = 400 class


German writing system & phonology 431

German etymology 432

German dictionaries 433

German grammar 435

German language variations 437

Standard German usage 438

Location = Level 6

Open Collection (circulating):

Literature = 800 class


Portuguese Literature 869

Portuguese Poetry 869.1

Portuguese Fiction 869.3

Grammar & Linguistics = 400 class


Portuguese Language 469

Portuguese dictionaries 469.3

Location = Level 6

Open Collection (circulating):

Literature = 800 class


Spanish poetry 861

Spanish drama 862

Spanish fiction 863

Grammar & Linguistics = 400 class


Spanish writing system & phonology 461

Spanish etymology 462

Spanish dictionaries 463

Spanish grammar 465

Spanish language variations 467

Standard Spanish usage 468

How to search for a book


Google Book Search

Need to renew your books ?

To renew books electronically from anywhere, please follow the steps outlined below:

Go to the library homepage:

On the right under My Library Space, select Renew library items

 Type in your student number (with a prefix letter “u”) and your Portal password.

Your library record will appear.

You can see which books you have out on loan.

Renew items due to expire.

You are allowed to renew your books a maximum of six times (provided there is no hold on an item).