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Veterinary Science: General


Dear  Post Graduate student

Our Veterinary Science subject guide aims to provide tools to ease and simplify the processes of being a Post Graduate student, doing research and publishing your research.


For a more encompassing guide on tools and tips to complete your research, also visit the Dept of Library Services' detailed Research support page at:

Information Specialists

Please contact your Information Specialist to gain information about the following:

  • Access to a vast number of scientific databases, e-journals, e-books and other printed, electronic or digitised information resources
  • Access to all recommended textbooks if commercially available, in collaboration with lecturers
  • Group and individual training sessions in information literacy skills
  • Information literature searches or information on your research topic
  • Advice on the availability and accessibility of information resources
  • Advice on the application of reference techniques, plagiarism and copyright
  • Advice on the research process, evaluating journals and where to publish
  • Advice on information organization and indexing

Susan Marsh: Companion Animal Clinical Studies, Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology, Production Animal Studies, Equine Research Centre, OP Veterinary Genetics Laboratory, Exotic Leather Research Centre.

Tertia Coetsee: Paraclinical Sciences, Veterinary Tropical Diseases, Centre for Veterinary Wildlife Studies, Onderstepoort Veterinary Animal Research Unit.



Post Graduate Student Support: General information