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Veterinary Science Open Access Resources: Veterinary Podcasts

This LibGuide provides information relevant to Veterinary Science open educational resources and open access

Veterinary Podcasts

University of Pretoria LeadUP Podcasts

  • Dr Kresen Pillay, UP alum and wildlife vet, on leading humans as well as animals

    Dr Pillay was part of the team that grabbed international headlines after conducting groundbreaking, life-saving surgery on Makokou, a gorilla from the Johannesburg Zoo. He recently moved to Australia to pioneer a new department as Manager of Veterinary Services at the Sydney Zoo. In this podcast, Dr Pillay chats to Lennox Wasara about how he is building a team at the Australian zoo, and the wonder of working with wild animals. He details how he learned management and leadership in the zoo space, and how studying taught him self-leadership and discipline. He also talks about being encouraged to pursue his passion from a young age, and why we all need to take wildlife conservation seriously to leave a legacy. (35:22)

  • Nature conservation, wildlife and biodiversity: A World of Answers

    In this episode we look at retaining biodiversity when it comes to wildlife. Professor André Ganswindt, director of the Mammal Research Institute, and Professor Robin Crewe, professor of entomology at the Centre for the Advancement of Scholarship; discuss what happens when animals go extinct and why it's so critical for us to be aware of conservation and animal welfare.

International Veterinary Podcasts

  • Royal Veterinary College Clinical Podcasts

    In these podcasts different faculty / specialists / clinicians from the RVC talks about clinical relevant material to everyone in practice, if you are just about to start your veterinary career or you are a seasoned professional the aim is to provide something for everyone.Listen to practical tips and advice that you won’t necessarily find in the text books or journal articles that will makes a difference to your patients.

  • Goat Talk with the Goat Doc

    Dr Cara Sammons-Shepard, DVM is a practicing veterinarian in Maine and New Hampshire, and when on the road, the majority of her patients are goats. She and her husband have owned and operated a commercial farmstead creamery since 2009. In this podcast, Dr Shepard discusses different topics related to goat medicine and husbandry.

  • That Vet Life Podcast

    Equipping veterinarians with the skills and knowledge to become confident and engaging storytellers through integrative discussions with the people that inspire, encourage and challenge the veterinary profession. Hosted by Dr. Moriah McCauley

  • Equine Veterinary Journal Podcasts

    These are freely available on iTunes or as supporting information to the articles mentioned.

  • Ask the Vet Podcas

    In partnership with Sirius XM, the Animal Medical Center presents ‘Ask the Vet,’ a podcast all about the pets we love and how to care for them. Dr. Ann Hohenhaus answers questions for pet parents, chats with leading animal experts, and talks about the most concerning issues for our furry friends.

  • Vet View Podcast

    The WSAVA podcast, ‘VetView’ connects companion animal veterinarians around the world and support its global veterinary community, ‘unwrapping’ subjects of common interest to us all. Whether you’re looking for scientific updates, discussions of ‘hot topics’, insights into different veterinary careers or simply advice on how to get more out of your life and work, our podcast is for you.

  • Emergence: Guide to Transboundary and Emerging Diseases

    Podcast from MSD Animal Health, for news and views on transboundary and emerging diseases

South African Veterinary Related Podcasts

  • Farmer's Weekly Weekly Wrap Podcasts

    The Weekly Wrap Podcast discusses some of the top news and articles featured in the latest edition of Farmer’s Weekly magazine, as well as the trending topics for the week on its online and social media platforms.

  • SANParks Podcasts

    SANParks Podcasts focus on a range of sound recordings such as specific wildlife information (e.g. birding, trees, mammals, reptiles) as described by various internal and external experts; discussion panels introducing and debating various SANParks related issues; ranger stories; park descriptions; and podcasts of live activities such as walks and game drives. Some of the material is done through the realm of audio description to hopefully make the world of our parks more accessible to visually impaired listeners, but such recordings will be fun for sighted people too.