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  • As a support Unit of the Department of Library Services we pride ourselves in rendering excellent service to all our clients. We have a variety of services that are available to our clients. Access and Lending is at the entrance level of the Merensky 2 Building on the Main Campus.Read more

  • Digital Scholarship

    The library’s involvement in digital scholarship is not just to offer information resources, but also to provide access to infrastructure, training, and consultation. The idea of a digital scholarship centre is to move from being an entity that provides information to a hub where knowledge and information are created. Find out more about our digital scholarship offerings. Read more

  • The University of Pretoria campus is outfitted with an expansive and robust Learning Centre developed especially for students that plan to make use of the facility. his is available to all students and staff on campus that are in possession of a valid permit to enter. It's developed with students in mind, offering a variety of learning supplements and additional aid in harbouring a safe studying and working environment. Read more

  • Library Technical Services are responsible for acquiring, organizing, preserving, and providing access to materials in all formats for the library's collections. It includes resource sharing and document delivery, as well as preservation services and restoration of print materials. These activities underline the Department of Library Services' vision to redefine academic librarianship in support of the strategy and core functions of research, teaching and learning of the University of Pretoria.Read more

  • The Marketing and Quality Assurance Unit is responsible for the following strategic areas: Marketing, Statistics, Business Intelligence and Quality Management. Read more

  • Scholarly communication can be described as “the system through which research and other scholarly writings are created, evaluated for quality, disseminated to the scholarly community, and preserved for future use (Association of College & Research Libraries). Scholarly Communications Unit provides services that support the research-intensive needs of the research, teaching and learning communities at the University of Pretoria.Read more

  • Research Commons

    The Research Commons is a dedicated advanced space for the University of Pretoria registered Masters and PhD students, Research Fellows and staff of a variety of Faculties on the campus. Developed as a space for learning and research, the Research Commons provides all of the resources and access to Library resources a post-graduate student may need in their journey to publishing. Read more

  • The Special Collections unit of the University of Pretoria’s Department of Library Services plays a stewardship role in the acquisition and preservation of the Department of Library Services’ rare and valuable information resources, making them accessible to students, staff, and researchers, as well as safeguarding them for future generations. Because of this, only researchers permitted to access the campus will be granted access to Special Collections by appointment only. Some 2,500 UP records from UP Special Collections have been uploaded on the Internet Archive. This will expose UP Collections to a wider audience and will allow harvesting of our collections in other databases. Read more

  • Books that are in high demand (especially prescribed and recommended textbooks in a variety of fields) can be found in this collection. Students are asked to ascribe to a series of rules and regulations when it comes to borrowing from this collection, including an item limit of only two fortwo hours per student. Study collection books also cannot be renewed but may be booked out overnight. Read more

  • The User Experience Unit collaborates with all other Department of Library Services' units, to help improve user experience of our products and services. Read more

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