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Ancient Languages and Cultures (ALC): Find an article

Subject guide for students, researchers and academics in Ancient Languages and Cultures. Provides overview of resources available via UP's

Suggested Ancient Languages and Cultures databases

How to find an article on a subject

Go to the library homepage:

On the blue navigation bar across the top, point to Libraries & Units.

Select the Humanities faculty library from the drop-down menu that appears.

When the page opens, to the left of the screen you will find a heading that reads: "Select a Subject related database".

Click on the + sign to choose your subject from the list, e.g. Afrikaans.

This will take you to suggested links to recommended databases and platforms for Afrikaans studies.

Begin your search using the most relevant keywords.

Remember to search using keywords in singular and plural form, and where relevant, in English and Afrikaans! Also think of synonymous terms to search.

How to find a specific article

Go to

On the blue navigation bar across the top, point to Search. A drop-down menu appears. Choose e-Journals.

Once the page has opened, type the title of the journal in the e-Journal search box 

The results page will display all the platforms that host the journal electronically.

The date ranges displayed indicate the issues available via each platform.

Select the most appropriate platform for your search.

The journal page should open up now.

Navigate through the different issues of the journal listed to find the correct year, volume, issue and page number and thus, finally, the relevant article.

Article not available here?

Staff members and students from 4th year upwards have permission to request books from other institutions' libraries.

Use our Inter-Library Loan (ILL) service as follows:

1. Create a profile by completing the online ILL registration form

2. Receive the system generated username and password via email – normally within two or three days. Keep it safe.

3. Use your username and password to Pre-request books, chapters and articles from SACat on the Sabinet Reference portal.

TIPS when pre-requesting:

  • Make sure that you give the request  enough time – at least four weeks.
  • Choose copy for articles or chapters requested and loan for when borrowing a whole book.
  • Note down your Local Request ID for each request, so you can follow up to track the progress of the request.