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Ancient Languages and Cultures (ALC): Referencing

Subject guide for students, researchers and academics in Ancient Languages and Cultures. Provides overview of resources available via UP's

Referencing Styles

Written work such as assignments, scholarly dissertations and theses require the acknowledgement of other authors' work used. Acknowledgement is given by including references and a bibliography in your written work to the information sources you have used. Specific referencing styles must be adhered to.

Consult the library page on Referencing styles, or contact your department to obtain its prescribed reference techniques.


Useful titles on referencing/citation

Be aware of Plagiarism...

Prevention of Plagiarism - Library page

Referencing Software

Various Referencing Software products are available, such as:

Refworks and Endnote, among others.

Visit the library's Referencing page for links to these products.

Links to Tutorials available from the product sites, are listed below, or you can write to your information specialist for training.