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Makerspace: How we can help you

How we can help you

Welcome to the University of Pretoria Makerspace. This academic Makerspace, being one of the first of its kind in South Africa, is a creative laboratory open to all registered university students and staff. Access to the space is free of charge where we offer a variety of services to help you advance your skills and guide you to create prototypes, test ideas or make something new.

  • 3D Printing

    3D printing is a technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that facilitates the rapid prototyping in various applications. This is done by creating an object in the physical world using a digital model. We offer our clients various forms and materials for additive manufacturing or FDM.

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  • 3D Modelling

    3D Modelling is the digital creation of a three-dimensional object using Computer Aided Design (CAD). There are many CAD programs available depending the models complexity. A 3D model is needed if you would like to 3D print an object.

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  • 3D Scanning

    3D Scanning is a technique which scans a physical 3D object and creates a digital file. Based on the scanning method used, several details and number of cloud points are measured with varying accuracy, affecting the 3D model created from the scanning process.

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  • Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a multibillion device and application field. In the Makerspace we guide users in adopting facets of IoT through various kits such as Arduino, Biomaker, M5, microbit and Raspberry Pi.

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  • Consultation and training

    Fundamental to our services is the expertise we offer to help you innovate across disciplines. Should you require guidance or training on using 3D printing, 3D modelling, 3D scanning, IoT, robotics, software development or design methodologies, then let us get in contact.

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  • Usage of hardware

    3Some prototyping and making requires other tools. For this reason, we offer soldering irons, drills, glue guns and various other hardware to make something new or fix something broken.

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