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Marketing & Quality Assurance: Feedback, Surveys and Statistics

Feedback, Surveys and Statistics



We value your views and opinions and we welcome all suggestions and feedback, whether negative or positive. You can communicate your feedback with us in the following ways:

Rate Us:

You can share your comments, suggestions or complaints using the Rate Us link on the library website.

Information Specialists:

You can email, phone, or speak to your subject information specialist in person.

Social media:

You can tell us what you think about us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



The Department of Library Services regularly conducts client surveys to obtain feedback about our products and services, in order to measure overall client satisfaction and expectations.

Institutional survey

Every second-year the University of Pretoria’s Department of Institutional Planning conducts a satisfaction survey on all support departments to assess the service quality that is rendered to the university community.

In-house surveys

We undertake in-house surveys of particular groups to assess specific services or feed into local decision-making.

International surveys

Library Life Pulse Survey: 2022

LibQUAL+® : 2005-2017

ServQUAL survey 2001


Quality Manual

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