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Theology & Religion: Postgraduate Studies: Summative Essay (Hon)

Welcome to the guide for postgraduate research support. It is a mini-website that offers resources and library services for postgraduate students. Please evaluate material on web sites critical and use peer reviewed, scholarly information.



  • identify a topic you are interested in;
  • identify a study leader that can supervise you;
  • formulate a title for the research essay;
  • identify sources for the research essay; and
  • write a research essay that consists of a literature review on the chosen topic.

Summative Essay

  • The essay consists of a literary study on a chosen topic
  • No original research is expected for the research essay
  • No research gap to be identified
  • No front page or table of contents
  • No statement why you are doing the essay
  • Weight/length
  • The research essay carries a weight of 30 credits (300 hours)
  • No longer than 20 pages or 7 500 words (excluding bibliography). Research essays that exceed this limit will be penalised.